Wednesday, November 02, 2011

#SciFund Project Receives First Fuel on RocketHub

Special thanks to Ms. Sarah Conrad (of Oklahoma State University Drumline Hot-Chuttla Fame - Go Pokes!!) and Mr. Ray Welch (and his special niece Kira) for being the FIRST contributors to my AMAZING #SciFund Project!

Sarah and I have a special bond in that we both moved to NYC after growing up in small towns in the "Great State of OK". Sarah was a big-wig at some un-named mega broadcasting company, and I was a grunt at the Museum of Natural History.

Sarah: Have you ever noticed when you answer the question, "Where are you from?" (totally grammatically incorrect, I know) with Oklahoma, 98% of the responses are "O.K."? Seriously, I think there is something subconscious about the name of the state that makes people say, "O.K."! I'm going to start peppering my responses to include things like: Sicily, Abu Dhabi, Lake Wobegon, just to see if there is the same response.

And Ray... Ray wanted to do something special for his niece Kira, an avid animal lover and aspiring Marine Biologist (She'll be my boss some day...). THANKS UNCLE RAY!!!

In addition to the "rewards" Kira will receive because of Uncle Ray's donation. She's also inspired me to post updates of the research on this blog - something EVERYONE who donates can now include in their rewards. I'll add you all to a googlegroup for exclusive updates on the progress!

Thanks for the inspiration and thanks for the support Sarah, Ray, Kira!!

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